The Things I Love Most

Psht. Where to begin…



I’ve always had a love for music. When I have no words to express my emotions, I’ll select a playlist, hit play, and let the words, melodies and beats do it for me.

I picked up the piano when I was eight years old. It wasn’t my first choice — I’ve always wanted to play guitar, but because my pinkies are basically not existent, I kind of gave up on that dream.

Over the years, I developed an unwavering passion for music — particularly electronic and electronic dance music, alternative and indie rock, reggae, singer-songwriter ballads, and what beats that I consider “chillectric.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for jazz, pop, (some) classic rock, and enjoy a few rap songs, too. But I’ve found that whatever music I listen to, the music either conveys a feeling or gets my body moving in ways that I can’t control.

Music is all-confusing in the best possible way.

Whenever I get the chance, I sit down to research new underground and mainstream music, create playlists using 8tracks or Spotify, and share these mixes with friends, family, and the world to enjoy.



In addition to music, I’ve always been passionate about cosmetics. I’d bust into my older cousin’s makeup boxes as a four-year-old and experiment with every single product they had, sometimes destroying their stuff. What did I know? I thought it was fun mixing colors but didn’t understand the phenomena of blending (on your face). Sorry? Ever since, I’ve been obsessed as proven by my credit card statement.

I love learning about new products, picking up a new brush and learning all of the ways I can manipulate it, and building out custom eye shadow palates. There’s so much beauty in makeup; the fact you can use your face as a blank canvas is empowering.



Family is the most important factor in my life. I feel like I eat, sleep, and breathe for my familial relationships. I’m grateful everyday for being #blessed with the family I was given, and for my chosen family.



Mmm. Food. My new favorite subject to talk about. It’s funny to think about how picky I was even just two years ago.


Poetry & Self-Reflection

I am a huge believer in healing the soul through writing, as cliché as that might sound. I used to attempt to write poetry or “lyrics” when I was younger, but looking back at them, they were just rhyming narratives and did not entirely express the way I was feeling. In more recent years, I’ve been creatively describing what seem/ed to be “painful” hardships due to the troubles that come with love and I have found a way to express my happy days and hopeful times through poetry, too.

Lately, I’ve been journaling and reflecting on the conscious and subconscious feelings I’ve been enduring, and I noticed the power of such actions. Clearing my head through introspection has definitely assisted in a more positive outlook.