Go here next: Craftsman Row

I’m not gonna lie. It took me a whole lot longer to head over to Craftsman Row Saloon than I had anticipated. From a friend ignoring my invitation via a menu link I sent her to suffering through Passover, I thought I’d never get to experience this place, relatively soon that is.

I was sold in the first .2 seconds when my coworker told me they have Dorito-crusted mozzarella sticks on the menu. Now, I don’t typically purchase Doritos because I’d inhale the bag in less than a minute, but I LOVE Doritos. And, if you know me IRL, I’m Kosher, so I’ve always been fond of mozzarella sticks ever since I was a young girl. I actually had a limited palate as a kid and have since been forced to expand it. So, I’m going back to the Stone Age days by eating these diabetes sticks, and I’m not mad about it.

I wanted to head to Center City the night I learned about this place, but you know how it goes when you try watching what you eat during the weekdays and kind of ignoring that on the weekends…

Fast forward a month since and it’s about damn time I convinced that same friend who turned it down to go with me to break the Passover “starve fest.” I really wanted something fattening and she was craving a cheeseburger, so it only made sense to go to this bar.  Once she saw the menu, she was instantly sold. (Like she would’ve been the first time I sent it!) Check the dinner menu out, you’ll probably be sold quickly, too.


Please ignore my poor texting grammar.

Realizing it’s located right around the corner from where she lived, we headed down there to feast.

And we did just that!

When we first got there, it was pretty crowded and people kept flooding in. It’s a pretty small venue on Jeweler’s Row… what an odd spot for this saloon! It had a rustic, slight Old Western feel (I mean, duh, it’s a saloon!), but the decor wasn’t overwhelming. It had a modern charm to it, which I really liked. Probably because of all of the flat screen tvs.

We ordered fried pickles (something I’ve never tried, but have been meaning to) and the Dorito-crusted mozz sticks to start. I was delighted by the pickles – I didn’t think I’d like them as much as I did since I’m pretty picky about my pickles. They came with a spicy ranch that I thoroughly enjoyed.


But when we got to the Dorito-crusted mozz sticks, it’s not that I was upset, but I was a bit disappointed. The crust didn’t taste so Dorito-y, but rather just like a corn chip shell. I guess I set my expectations a bit high, but I’d order them again. Plus the marina dipping sauce was yummy!

For my entree, I ordered the (regular) grilled cheese with Vermont cheddar, American, & Swiss cheese on a slab country bread. I usually opt out for Swiss because I really am not the biggest fan, but I really enjoyed it! And they have delicious hand-cut fries!


My friend ordered the French Toast burger – 2 quarter pound local ground beef smashed patties with bacon, a fried egg, and maple syrup on French Toast made from country bread. It looked bangin, but even if I could eat that, I’m not sure how I’d feel mixing beef with maple syrup AND an egg. I asked her to describe it, and she said, “It was sweet and tangy. Any breakfast lovers dream with a hamburger mixed in the middle.”

Hearing that, would you give it a try?

This bar also has milkshakes, spiked shakes and floats, and a KILLER dessert menu including red velvet cheesecake and bread pudding! The restaurant was extremely affordable. My only complaints are that we were seated in a very dark corner so it was difficult to see the menu without a flashlight and that the alcohol menu was quite pricey. But I’d rather eat my calories than drink them anyways!

And the best part? They have an incredible happy hour served from 4-7 on weekdays! I’ll definitely be back, and this time to try an array of their half-priced apps, especially their mac & cheese.

Rating: 9/10

Love always,


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