Let’s Try This Again… Get to know the Real Julie Ozlek.


Hi & Welcome!

I wanted to reintroduce myself… and this blog.

I’m Julie.

I’m almost 23 years old.

I’m Temple Made. GO OWLS! 

I’m single.

I’m Jewish.

I’m living in Philadelphia.

I’m a Marketing Coordinator for an extremely cool food company.

I grew up down at the Jersey Shore and appreciate every memory I’ve ever made there.

I’m also ambitious, slightly goofy, and love to learn.

I’m extremely passionate about music and makeup.

I chuckle at memes, a lot.

I’m extremely close with family, enjoy getting to know people on a greater level, and find it endearing to get to know people across the globe.

I’m a loyal and honest friend.

I’m a hopeless romantic.

I’m a sucker for good food. Especially Italian and Mexican food.

I like to take selfies, only when I feel good. Otherwise, I take some of the ugliest snapchats EVER. But I only send them to my closest friends because they can be quite embarrassing!

I find myself stuck not knowing what to say quite often, or even how to feel or act during some situations.

I also find it difficult to always write – so I don’t. If I feel that I don’t have anything to share, I won’t post. But please don’t think I’m ghosting you because I’ll be back. 🙂

And I make mistakes. Who doesn’t? That’s part of growth and maturity. Sometimes it takes me a few times to learn not to make the same ones, but that’s all part of the process!

– – –

I’ve been taking a break from my blog to figure out its purpose because I feel like I didn’t really have one prior.

I was actually debating back and forth with myself – what did I want to showcase via this website? What made it “professional” like I “hoped” for?

Once I thought about that last question, I realized that nothing I talked about really represented just that – being a “professional.”

So I said screw it. I’m using this platform to discuss the realities of (my) life.

And while there are probably hundreds and thousands of blogs out there sharing similar thoughts and stories, there’s nothing like sharing your own story through a virtual platform. I’ve been doing it in one form or another since I was a sophomore in high school (can you believe that was about 6 years ago because I can’t!).

So, I’d like to take a deeper dive into what it’s like living as a single, Jewish, female young professional in Philadelphia.

I’ll share my experience regarding the dating scene, explore restaurants and coffee shops, talk about some fun activities you can do by your lonesome, and everything in between that one in my position may experience when they first step foot into the first few years of “adulthood.” The years right after college graduation. Where one might live on their own for the first time. Or live in a city completely new to them. Or begin dating after a breakup or for the very first time. Or start their very first job. Or all of the above.

This website is a no-judgment zone. I want to share the true experiences that I face. I plan on capturing the emotions of getting to know myself through self-exploration in an environment still pretty unbeknownst to me. And with you along for the ride, I hope we can all find our place in this big ol’ world.

Love always,



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