Monthly Music: March

I meant to post this prior to Spring Break, so please just pretend that I am uploading this the day before leaving:

As I’ve been counting down the days until spring break, all I could think about are the fun times ahead and the kind of music that I will be listening to: EDM, trap, and lots of house and electronic music. But this time around, I won’t only be listening to this type of music alone or with my friends; rather, I will be sharing all of these future experiences in a video that I will pair with a song that really encapsulates the time that I will have in Miami, and deliver the content on some video-sharing platform.

And THIS is exactly what excites me: the memories to come that are paired with music. I know I am not the only one that who envisions specific experiences while certain songs are playing, and I probably also imagine these types of things because sometimes, I want my life to be portrayed as a music video.

To begin the countdown until March 12, here are some of the songs to my “Spring Break” track-list that I know will play on repeat on my way down to Miami. You can listen to these songs below in the music player that is featured on the bottom of my blog until the beginning of April, or access these songs through 8tracks.


  1. “What You Do To Me” – Not Your Dope feat. Oly
  2. “Stonecold (BKAYE Remix)” – machineheart
  3. “One Last Night on Earth (Young Bombs Remix)” – Dada Life
  4. “Make Me Cry (Marshmello Remix)” – Noah Cyrus ft. Labrinth
  5. “I’ll Be Your Reason (FURY Remix) – Illenium
  6. “To Ü (Feat. AlunaGeorge)” – Skrillex & Diplo
  7. “Meet Me (BKAYE X Ben Maxwell Remix)” – Mickey Valen feat. Noé
  8. “Into Dust (Feat. Elle Vee)” – Paris Blohm
  9. “Habit (T-Mass Remix)” – Rain Man & Krysta Youngs
  10. “Company (it’s different Remix)” – Justin Bieber X Rajiv Dhall



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