Coffee Exploration: La Colombe, Fishtown, Philadelphia.


The next destination on our coffee journey was La Colombe in Fishtown. Extremely cool venue. When you first walk up to the shop on Frankford Ave., you are intrigued by the exterior of the building: a red brick foundation with an artsy, faded, Old-fashioned block writing presenting the business’s name and those typical old time lamps. There was also an employee outside who greeted us and shared some of her favorite menu items.

When I opened the doors of the venue, I did not expect to be “engrossed” by such a big open space and so many people. There are huge bolted letters on the top of the ordering station that light up with the shop’s name, which sits above 5 different menus ranging from breakfast to night time treats. But, there was no coffee menu – and I didn’t like that. When I asked about this to the cashier, she was very sweet in explaining the coffee options. However, she was using avid coffee terminology so I had no idea what she was referring to and I didn’t have the time to ask to to explain….Remember, I’m a newbie to fancy coffee.

Anyways, I was going to order the house blend, but decided to try their workstation “featured” blend. I will say, it is unlike any coffee I’ve ever had in my life, neither in a good nor bad way. It has a very unique, almost-fruity-but not flavor and I know for sure that if I were to come back, I wouldn’t order it. It just wasn’t as enjoyable as I had anticipated. But the clientele, the aesthetic of the graffiti-walls, factory-constructed appeal, and hip music make this place very chill and appealing. I can definitely see this as a hot spot to hang out and get work done; it’s unlike any coffee shop I’ve ever imagined, and that’s what makes it so enticing.


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