Coffee Exploration: Old City Coffee, Old City, Philadelphia.


I decided to begin a weekly/bi-weekly blog series this time focusing on coffee explorations through Philadelphia with one of my good friends. 

We decided to start out with a referral from one of my friends and hit up Old City Coffee in Old City, Philadelphia. I’ve heard great things, read great reviews, and decided this would be a great place to start our journey! To get to the shop, you have to walk down a cobblestone street, so of course, it has a very charming appeal upon entering the business.

As soon as you open the blue door, you’re welcomed into a beautifully-presented shop. So naturally I could barely see over the counter because I stand at only 5 feet tall, but the staff was extremely friendly and we made eye contact so that’s all that matters!

Anyways, I was saddened to see that it only offers a “Coffee of the Day” brew rather than having a multitude of flavors and roasts, but it keeps it interesting and forces you to not always consume the same thing every day. After ordering a medium cup, I was also surprised that it was self-serve. I’m not the best at “making coffee” so I really wish someone did it for me… Sadly, we got the end of the batch so the coffee’s aftertaste presented a bitter, burnt flavor, but all in all, I enjoyed this spot.

The coffee was very mild with a fresh, mild taste nonetheless (it was a Costa Rica brew). We were able to find a marble table big enough for the two of us, connect to wifi (xfinity), and complete work, which was the objective of our adventure, while enjoying a cup of coffee. But, I feel like the shop could’ve offered a more cozy, artistic, or trendy vibe in the sitting area. Anyways, I’m no coffee connoisseur, but I give this place an 7.8/10 rating.

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