Creating Your Own Voice Through Style


Style: a way to express yourself without saying a word. 

It’s pretty cool how your fashion sense can help you portray yourself – whether you want to look polished and sleek, messy and grungy, rocker chic, glamorous and sexy, or a combination of all of the above. What I just described is how you can create your own voice through style.

You can layer clothing on top of clothing, throw on a pair of kicks, clamp on two necklaces, 10 rings, seven bracelets, and a pair of hoop earrings, and finish it off with a ripped jean jacket and a camouflage baseball cap and totally rock the look. Can anyone pull this look off? Most likely not. But if you have the confidence to rock a look like that, you definitely can. No one person has an identical style and every single person possesses articulate and compound prevailing tastes that really help to distinguish oneself from another. To me, that is why fashion and style is so intricate and exciting. You can stand out from the crowd with creative or “fashion-forward” looks, and you can really express your culture, views, and yourself as a person through the way you dress and put yourself together. I know so many people who shop at both thrift shops and department stores like Neiman Marcus and no matter what they wear or where the articles are from, their styles speak for themselves. The ability to manifest such complex looks that look so effortless is extraordinary and admirable.


Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner. Source: Google

Today, I met up with a College Fashionista intern who is always taking her looks to the next level. She took a turquoise ripped t-shirt coupled with a warm and cozy charcoal grey sweater and a shredded light-wash jean jacket, black leggings, a pair of average Adidas-like sneakers, a black choker and gold dangling chain, while  wearing her curly voluminous hair split down the middle. She also opted for a pair of bright red cat-eye glasses. Without even trying, she looked stylish and put together! You might think how is that possible? It’s 50% not caring what others think (confidence) and 50% experimenting and having fun with it. Both personality features showed through her look and that opened my eyes to really expressing myself through fashion in the near future.


While I tend to express myself through bold eyeshadow creations and bold lip choices, I would love to really dive into my wardrobe and come up with outfits that really speak to me, outfits that really showcase my personality. Because of her totally cool looks that I’d see around campus, I was intrigued to put together an outfit that I felt confident and myself in and I opted for the outfit featured.  I wore a black fishnet bralette with a top that clamps together at the top though can be unsnapped, a pair of mid-wash jeans, and a pair of 70s chestnut brown booties while wearing a pair of dangling hoop crystal earrings and a pair of tortoise-shell Clubmaster sunglasses. I felt cool. I felt chic. I felt empowered. And most importantly, I loved every second of it.

I also went with a bold eye look including oranges, reds, and purples, a sharp contour along my cheekbones, false natural glam lashes, and a muted nude lip. I decided to straighten my hair and later threw it in a large gold vintage clip. I wanted to bring this rocker glam look to life, and I feel as though I can say I was successful at doing so. (The picture to the left is my makeup look from today, but with a different top. I’m glad I changed.)

My friend, the fashion guru, expressed the fact that not every look will work for everyone because everyone has their own fashion sense and own style. Not every look may be fashionable to one, but it may be fashionable to thousands of others out there. While an every day woman may not wear runway fashion, people are still intrigued by the design and composition of the dressing and the composure of the entire look. The personal control of and the advancement and playfulness of texture and color of one’s style are ways to express oneself that can leave anyone speechless.

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